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Dead Alive a.k.a Braindead (1992)

Yes this movie is from the early 90s, but as the * clearly footnoted on the About page, we will from time to time review movies on the cusp.

*This poster doesn’t really capture the essence of the movie at all… this Alternate Braindead one is a little closer but not really. This limited edition Adam Haynes one is the closest I’ve seen.


When Lionel Cosgrove’s crazy, over-protective mother is bitten by a Sumatran rat-monkey at the zoo, she soon turns into a ravenous zombie.


What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever seen in a horror movie? If you answered the “communal puke drinking scene in”Bad Taste” then you clearly haven’t seen “Dead Alive” yet!

This movie has every gross an disgusting thing you could possibly think, of and most that you could’ve never imagined if it were on screen in front of you spewing oozy grossness so visceral that the Swedish rental of this film came with complimentary barf bags! Just to give you an idea of what I mean, here a short cliff notes list of what you should expect from this film: awesome nasty rat-monkey stop motion, dog eating, mutant baby punching, face rip-offing, rib cage removal, zombie coitus, zombie head jack-o-lanterns, a Nazi veterinarian, semi-successful decapitations, a dual duel with two halves of a severed body while being blond sided by the internal organs in what can only be described as a velociraptor styled attack strategy, a severed head in a blender, zombie tooth removal, pissing on gravestones, and a pile of severed body parts stacked higher than a triceratops turd. And if you think I just gave away everything in this movie, you’ couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Now some of you might be thinking that the movie is strictly a gross out gore fest, and you’re partially right. But it’s also got a fun self aware slapstick comedy element to it as well. Top that with some really cool innovative shots, a brilliantly thought out scene where it cross cuts (whoa metaphor alert!) between our love interest cutting up body parts in a Cusinart and our hero cutting up a bajillion zombies with a shoulder mounted lawnmower! Note that while “Night of the Creeps” already did the “lawnmower as a weapon” gag, but this movie makes it an olympic sport!

The movie also has “the mother” of all Act III baddies, that has our protagonist literally fighting his way out of the womb. Talk about metaphors, similes, and gerunds! Oh My!

The only thing this movie will leave you wondering is how the hell they gave Peter Jackson the “Lord of the Rings” series after making THIS (and also, when is he going to go back and do another awesome horror movie?!).

This movie is touted as “the goriest movie of all time” and one I recommend you see, because in the semi-altered words of the priest character in the film “This movie kicks ass for the Lord!”


RATING: 9.9 out of 10 bad ass sling mounted lawnmowers 


DID YOU KNOW: Fake blood was pumped at five gallons per second during the lawnmower scene! The Spanish title of the film, “Tu madre se ha comido a mi perro”, translates to “Your mother ate my dog”, a line from the film. Peter Jackson finished the movie $45,000 (NZD) under budget and used that money for a two day shoot of the zombie baby in the park scene, which he states is his favorite scene.


*BONUS: Watch the full movie HERE*

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